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Losing a partner, child, friend, family member, or pet is one of the hardest of the human experiences. The empty space in your heart left behind by a loved one who is gone creates an indescribable pain that can take your breath away. Although loss is an expected part of life that every human must face at some point, the waves and cycles of grief may have left you reeling, overwhelming yourtypical ability to cope with life’s circumstances.

There is no right way to grieve. Many people will cycle through several conflicting emotions – sadness, anger, anxiety, and even relief or peace. There is also no set time limit to grieve. Everyone processes loss in different ways. Many people cling to the false notion that if you experience feelings of being okay, then you are grieving incorrectly or not truly sad. This is not the case, especially in instances of complicated grief, a persistent form of intense grief in which there are feelings of longing, sadness, and/or preoccupation with the person who died. However, we understand the uniqueness of each individual person that walks through our doors. With our knowledge and understanding of human development as well as the aspects of grief and loss, we will create a tailor-made treatment plan just for you to help you:

  • Process uncomfortable feelings
  • Find ways to let go
  • Receive closure
  • Build resilience
  • Help you find your new normal
  • Make meaning out of life as it is now
  • Establish your new identity

Whether your path to healing is spiritually based or completely secular, our team can help you find the right fit that will work for you. Loss is a type of life change unlike any other. The adjustment and transition process can seem endless and hopeless at times. But we will be here to help you go at your own pace to find lasting peace again.

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